Top 8 Richest Neighborhood in Canada

top cities in canadaGetting a real estate license is the essential step in becoming a successful real estate agent in Canada. Realtor’s income is mostly dependent on the commission from client when a successful transaction takes place. Since real estate commission is a percentage of the real estate property value, a transaction in such upper class neighborhood will translates to higher commission, thus generating good income through the deal.

Here is the list of the top eight richest neighborhood in Canada. They are ranked based on a combination of average household income, property value and household net worth.

 1. Britannia, Calgary

Ranked the highest median household income in Canada with annual income over $1.2 million. This neighborhood remains as one of the most attractive real estate investment market in Calgary.



2. Kerrisdale, Vancouver.

A nice neighborhood in the western part of Vancouver, consisting of traditional bungalows and modern luxury condos.

Kerrisdale is adjacent to the bay with great nature view. It is home to about 5600 household, and roughly 45% of the population are married couples. The residents are a combination of professionals, wealthy Asian visa students, and business leaders.



3. York Mills– North York (Toronto)

Home to some of the largest and most expensive detached houses priced at upward of millions. North York’s newly developed ultra high-end condo near the subway line are much more affordable in comparison, and have attracted upper middle income professionals in recent years.



4. West Bay & Sandy Cove

Located near the coastline of Lions Bay across from Gambier Island and Bowen Island; surrounded in the mountainous forest of Mt. Seymour Provincial Park and Cypress Provincial Park, this neighborhood offers large houses that immerse within some of the best natural landscape the country has to offer.



5. Bridle Path, Toronto

Toronto’s strong real estate market is showing no signs of slowing down. The upscale residential neighborhood is the home to some of the most wealthy family in Toronto and as well as Canada, including the self-made IT titan and TV celebrity Robert Herjavec. The average property value is well in excess of $2.5 millions, and the neighborhood had earned the nickname Millionaires’ Row.



6. Summit Park

One of the finest residential neighborhood in Quebec, filled with European style architectural and landscaping design. With property value at such high level, it definitely adds appeals in becoming a real estate agent in Quebec.



7. Lawrence Park

Another lucrative market for many real estate agents and real estate broker in Ontario. An affluent neighborhood with over 100 year of upper-class traditions and history. Located in mid-town Toronto, the average property home here are north of $2.7 millions, with many single detached houses built in the 1st half of the 20th century. This area is also the home of many notable executives in corporate Canada.



8. Roxoboro, Calgary

Located in south west end of Calgary, and bounded by the Elbow River, Roxoboro is one of the richest neighborhood in Calgary, it consists population north of 400, all living in self owned single family detached homes.




  Neighbourhood Average Household Annual Income Average Household Annual Net Worth
1 Britannia, Calgary $1,452,094 $7.02 million
2 Kerrisdale, Vancouver $1,277,431 $10.6 million
3 York Mills-Winfields, Toronto $1,212,275 $21.6 million
4 West Bay & Sandy Cove, Vancouver $958,352 $8.19 million
5 Bridle Path, Toronto $936,137 $22.3 million
6 Summit Park, Montreal $906,659 $11.0 million
7 Lawrence Park North, Toronto $906,266 $10.4 million
8 Roxboro, Calgary $845,038 $6.38 million

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