Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2019

Are you looking for new, exciting ways to entice and attract homebuyers and sellers in the New Year? As technology continues to evolve it’s important to stay on top of the latest innovative possibilities that allow real estate teams to expand their reach, create immersive campaigns and secure that sale. So, let’s look at some of the best possibilities.

Maximize The Potential Of Social Media

There are over on billion people on Facebook each month and another 60 million on Twitter in the US alone. If you’re not including social media in your marketing, you are missing a staggering opportunity. With social media, you will have a way to connect with your audience and provide them with a window behind the scenes of your company. It’s important to realize when you do this that you are the brand. You need to make sure that customers and potential clients see you as someone who they can trust to be honest.

It’s important to follow the 20:80 rule here. Only twenty percent of what you post or share online should be pure promotional content for your business. The rest should be content that provides helpful, informative or amusing content for your target audience. In other words, don’t just promote images of homes that you are selling on social media. Instead, use it to showcase relationships that you have already made with past clients.

The aim here is to tell a story that people can connect with while subtly showing the success that you have already achieved. Put yourself in a story that subtly promotes your business, and you will see a lot of demand for your services.

Go Virtual

If you’re looking for fresh technology to invest in, do make sure that you are exploring the concept of virtual reality. VR hasn’t taken off the way people expected it to a couple of years ago, but it is providing great opportunities for marketing companies.

With real estate, the potential is easy to see. You can use VR to create a virtual tour of a home that you are showcasing. Research has shown that creating a virtual tour and taking users through rooms and areas of the property, is far more likely to get them to arrange a viewing instead of simply showing them images. In fact, a virtual tour can be more powerful and persuasive than offering stats such as square foot or even the price. Offering a virtual tour gives users a chance to feel what it would be like to live there and whether they could see themselves committing to a purchase.

Remember, buyers, are no longer interested in driving around searching for homes. They look online and want all the information at their fingertips. So, you should also link to a map or even a street view to give them a true feel the area.

Introduce Live Chat To Your Website

It’s important that once potential clients reach your site, they can get all the information that they need. You can do this with a live chat feature on your site. Using live chat, you can make sure that clients can reach you immediately. You will be able to connect with them and provide them answers to any questions that they may have. Are there an issue on your site that’s stopping them from booking a viewing? With live chat, you can solve any problems immediately and remove any roadblocks that could be crippling conversions.

Live chat support can even be automated to an extent which means that you can give the illusion of 24/7 support while keeping costs as low as possible. It will almost definitely kill the bad reviews from long waits for customer service and is guaranteed to improve the appearance or reputation of your brand. You can even use live xhat support to give users unique additional content that they won’t be able to find anywhere else on your site.

Don’t Forget Mobile

You might think that the majority of buyers want a large screen when viewing potential properties. However, research shows that over fifty percent have completed home searches online using iPhones. Mobile users are rapidly outpacing those searching for homes on their desktop or laptops. You need to make sure that your site is optimized for users like this and responds effectively when accessed on iPhones, Androids, and tablets. Make sure that each page loads rapidly and takes only a few seconds. This is a balancing act as you do need to provide the best high-quality images of homes that you sell.

Remember though, it is possible to create great high-quality images of homes without sending data levels on each page through the roof. You can do this by experimenting with natural light and angles to get the best look for each room in a home.

You must avoid a situation where your site loads up beautifully on a desktop and fails to show any content at all when viewed on a cellphone.

Start Using Video Today

Finally, do make sure that you are using video to promote homes. Similar to virtual tours, video can provide a level of immersion that can’t be matched through the written word or even images. Video is also far more likely to be shared, liked and viewed across social media compared to text and images. You can use videos to drive organic traffic and make sure that you tell stories through your content that audiences will be interested in.

Videos can be simple or creative. For instance, a video could just be you sitting down with a client who loved the home you were selling and bought it. You can interweave the interview with shots of the home in question to showcase the stunning properties that you have available. Many realtors avoid making video content because it is either too complicated or too time-consuming. However, these days there are plenty of apps and software that make things easy, fast and efficient. You can create video content that looks professional in minutes.

We hope you take this advice and elevate your marketing campaign to the next level in 2019.

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