Real Estate Investing in Canada – Book Review

Best Selling Real Estate Book on Amazon

The number speaks for itself.

About 5 years ago, I had the pleasure to pick up this book and read its entirety over one weekend. I rarely say this about a business book, but Real Estate Investing in Canada is a page-turner. The book introduced a new concept called ACRE System (Authentic Canadian Real Estate), and explained it in a very simplified step-by-step program that can surely enrich your real estate career.

This book was easy to read, very engaging and relevant to its readers. The author clearly understands the mind-set and the emotion of Canadian real estate agents and investors. The result is a very practical book, in which the reader can easily relate and understand.

Whether you are just starting in the industry or you want to improve your knowledge about real estate, this would be a good book to read. If you only have the time to read one real estate book this year, it should be Real Estate Investing in Canada. I hope this book will give you as much help with your career as it did for my.

After reading the book, you should be able to master the art of

  • how to spot a market that is over-priced or, better yet, under-priced
  • how to know if a town will boom or bust--before it happens
  • how to accurately analyze any property--even if you're a novice investor
  • decide, within 30 seconds, whether a property has profit potential or not
  • the 18 secrets to street-smart negotiations--how to use them to get the deal you want
  • the 7 proven strategies that will get the bank to say yes to your deals
  • how to get your offer accepted, even in a competitive market
  • the single most important step for an overachieving real estate investor

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