Real Estate Career Choices

real estate career choicesReal Estate career choices reach far beyond the imagination of most.  When people mention Real Estate, most think of selling houses or simply Property Management. However, this field is much more. The career choices in Real Estate are expansive, taking in an array of career positions that promote the Real Estate Industry.

Real Estate Agent/Salesperson and Real Estate Broker

Real Estate agents and brokers are the most well known careers today and should deserve a separate blog post on this topic (difference of Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker). The licensing requirements for agent and broker are complex, and vary from provinces. We condense as much information and tips for your benefit in this Ultimate Canadian Real Estate Licensing Guide. Hope you will find this useful. Also, for more updates of real estate licensing requirement or real estate market news and analysis, please subscribe to our newsletter below. Thank you!

Research Acquisition Analyst

This career choice locates and analyzes property possibilities in the real estate industry. The process analyzes financing protocol and weighs the possibility of getting financing from brokers and a host of other promotional money prospects. They negotiate with investment people for a long list of projects, for individuals and companies. This career choice earns a relatively comfortable salary, from $94,000 to $116,000 a year. Studies are generally based in financing or accounting for this specified position. People in real estate are self-motivated with a flair for dealing with people. Computer research skills are a necessity in order to find properties and to frame an analytical view of their potential. Research Acquisition Analyst evaluate everything from redeveloping existing properties to establishing newly designed ones. These specialists decide how much it takes to build a property and how much it takes to maintain it.

Real Estate Disposition Analyst

This job description handles the sale of real estate. This includes a variety of properties. This includes small properties and huge parcels. Buildings and land ranging from any size can fall under disposition sales. This is residential or commercial. Owners offer the disposition of build to suit, historical buildings and huge commercial developments. Salaries for this position float from $60,000 to $90,000. This job requires an in-depth understanding of how a business gets financing. A focus on business studies is a good way to move into this business end of real estate. Real estate changes hands everyday throughout the world. Properties are many times worth billions and financing must be skillfully negotiated.

Property no longer useful to a company or a downsizing process with available property brings the need to move or reevaluate property. Some property no longer useful will be liquidated. A clear value system must be assigned to this property in order to make it useful to the company. This is the job of the Disposition Analyst. The liabilities and the profits are estimated in the sale of property before the selling starts. The Disposition Analyst does this financial analyzing. This job position is considered entry level but the possibility for upward mobility is quite broad.

Real Estate Investment Broker

Real Estate Investment Brokers handle regional and local sales. The broker needs to be experienced and manages a number of agents under the umbrella of their control. This includes motivating and reporting to a larger spectrum of the real estate family. Brokers make an average of six percent on a commission and need to have a real estate license. A background in business is very helpful when dealing with property values. A knack for managing people and computer skills help in the realty profession.

Real Estate Appraiser

The Real Estate Appraiser may be an owner operator and is sometimes hired by banks and municipalities. These realtors are paid a fee to estimate the value of property. These agents take classes and usually work independently, moving from client to client. If working on your own time is of interest this is a good way to earn and remain an independent broker.

Appraisal Manager

This is a position that pays around $74,000 to $128,000 per year. Generally Appraisers are in the employment of banks, tax agencies and businesses in need of constant appraisal services. The Appraisal manager gives value to property that many commercial entities sell. Their valuations are unbiased and set the pace for market property cost. These career choices are resourceful and allow the overlapping of skills to help with all phases of the industry. A variety of talents are needed in the industry. This opens doors for many areas of the realty field.

A wide range of specialities exist in the real estate field. Some jobs are more involved than others but every aspect of the profession can be financially gratifying for people only working at the most basic levels. Some real estate agent focus solely on high-end residential properties, while other also diversify into farmland and commercial real estate. There are many opportunities in the real estate field. Learning the business from the ground level bears chance for great opportunities. Understanding construction cost, mortgage financing and title investigations gives a major boost to the qualifications for a real estate career.

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