Real Estate Agent Course – Tips on Preparing for the Exam

real estate exam tipsIn order to prepare for your real estate exam, a lot is to be learned from mentors and brokers. But to get your real estate license, focus on study materials and resources that are designed to “pass the test”.

Be selective in taking advice. If you’re going to ask other real estate agents what they remember of the test, ask those that took their exams in the last few months. Memories falter and tests change, so at least get the most current advice you can.

Check exam training book dates. Again, tests change over time with business change and to make this passing on of questions and answers more difficult and also look for published study guides that are more contemporary. In other words, always be updated.

Learn for the test. You’ll have lots of time after you have your license to expand your knowledge and expertise. Focus now on locating study materials or courses that are designed for “passing the test”. If you’re considering a pre-exam prep course, find out their first-time passing success rate. Some offer free re-training if you fail the first time around.

Read it, know it, or skip it. Good test-taking practice is to answer the questions you know, while not getting bogged down time-wise on those that you’re not sure about. Many are given on computers now, and they usually make it easier to mark and come back to skipped questions. If you know it, answer it. If you’re not sure, move on. It may surprise you how a related question further along in the test will help you with the answer to one that you skipped.

Before studying, analyze the following questions: How many hours per day will you commit to studying your material? Where will you study? When do you have time to study? When do you plan on writing the exam? After that, you need to divide the chapters, assignment submissions and Examination Study Guide review into the hours that you have available. Also add some time for exam review prior to writing the exam.

Keeping the exam in mind, it is also vital to accelerate the learning curve itself. For starters, write down everything you learn or experience. Call it a journal, a blog, a diary, whatever. Write everything down. If you don’t write it down, it never happened. Learn something new each day and compile them in a daily journal. Try that for a month and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned.

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