All 5 Courses (Best Value)

$239.75 $139.95



Includes the study guide/sample exams/answers for the following courses

Course 1 – Real Estate As a Professional Career

Course 2 – Land Structures and Real Estate Trading

Course 3 – General & Residential Real Estate Transaction

Course 4 – Real Property Law

Course 5 – Commercial Real Estate Transaction


Access to the RELHQ Deal Club, where you’ll gain access to exclusive deals on agent marketing perks, such as website design deal, how to get your first customer, generate leads and perks that are designed to help you to kick off your real estate career and bring you to the path of profitability!

Let’s face it, getting your license is really the first step in your entire real estate career. The real challenge lies in getting real customers (generating leads) and closing them (making the $$$).

That is why we’ve created the RELHQ Deal Club where we reach out to real estate service providers and negotiate and get you the best deals possible.


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