Since May 1st, 2010, the industry went through some changes in terms of laws governing the activities of real estate transactions and real estate licensing.  Under the new law (Real Estate Brokerage Act), all real estate agents will become Residential Real Estate Broker and all real estate brokers will now become Real Estate Agencies.  Therefore our focus will be on how to obtain a license for Real Estate Broker.

Quebec Licensing Requirements

The license requirement is similar to other provinces, an individual will need to go through a pre-licensing education program.  In Quebec, the program is called  A.E.C. (attestation d’études collégiales) or A.E.C College Certificate.  Please complete the following in order to obtain your license.

Step 1 – Meet the Entrance Requirements

An individual will need to meet the A.E.C admission requirement, click here to find out more.

Step 2 – Register for the A.E.C Program

The program consists of eleven in-class courses, for a full list of course descriptions please click here.  To find out how to register for the program, please call 514-457-6610 ext 5015 for further information.

Step 3 – Pass the OACIQ Exam

You can write the exam in English or French, however, if you decide to write it in English, you will need to prove your French language competency before your license can be issued.  For more information on how to prove your French language competency please click here.  For information on how to take the OACIQ exam please click here.

Step 4 – Apply for Licensing

You have 12 months to apply for your license from the date your exam result was sent.  You can click here to download the Residential Real Estate Broker license application form.

Course and License Fees:

A.E.C program tuition: $3,750


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