How to Get Real Estate License in Alberta

Alberta real estate licenseReal estate agent, is known as real estate associate in Alberta. Although the procedure of getting an real estate license in Alberta shares similarities with other provincial guidelines, but specifically regarding how to become a real estate agent in Alberta or how to become a real estate broker in Alberta, please kindly complete the following real estate associate program of Alberta:

Alberta Licensing Requirements

Step 1 – Complete the Real Estate License Career Information Session Online

First you will need to complete the ” Introduction to a Career in Real Estate Information Session” before you are eligible to be enrolled in the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP).  The online information session is a pre-requisite and offered by Real Estate Council of Alberta, it is completely free of charge and can be taken online by clicking here.  Please note, the Alberta real estate license is only valid in the province of Alberta. Other province, for example Ontario, has the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) to manage the licensing process. If you are interested in practising professional real estate agent in Ontario, for example, then you will need to get an real estate license Ontario, simply by clicking here for more detail.

Once you’re done going through the online session you will be prompted to take the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.  After successfully answering the questions  you will see the following message on the next page:

Certificate of Completion
Congratulations, you have now completed the Introduction to a Career in Real Estate information session. This information session is the education pre-requisite for the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP). To recognize you have completed this session you must print a Certificate of Completion. To print the Certificate click on the link below. You will be required to provide RECA with some personal information and agree to RECA’s Privacy Policy in order to print your Certificate. If you do not wish to receive recognition for completing this information session, you may exit now. Thank you.

Then Simply fill out your name and email address on the next page to print your Certificate of Completion:

There we go, the entire online information session should take you about 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

Step 2 – Submit Your Real Estate License Enrolment Application and Get Approval for REAP

Now you should be ready to enroll into the “Pre-Licensing Education Program”, which is also called the “Real Estate Associate Program (REAP)”.  But before submitting your application, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen or have a valid Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Canadian high school diploma or equivalent(post college diploma or university degree)
  • Be proficient in English

Think you satisfied the above? Great, now click here to fill out and submit the “Education Eligibility Application Form“.  For a complete list of requirements and to find out what you need to fill out the form, please click here and proceed to step 2 of that page.

Step 3 – Start Your Fundamentals Real Estate Course

Once enrolled in the Real Estate Associates Program, student must then take Fundamentals of Real Estate Crouse, study the alberta real estate exam questions and pass the final exam before they can enroll in the Real Estate Specialty Courses.

It should be noted that starting on May 2013, the Fundamentals of Real Estate course will be offered by Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)

Step 4 – Choose your Real Estate Specialties

Upon passing your Fundamental of Real Estate course, now its time to choose your specialty.  Depending on your career goal, you can choose a career in real estate sales, real estate property management or both.

  • If you decide to start your career in real estate sales, you’ll need to complete a specialty courses called: Residential, Commercial and Rural (three courses in total).
  • If you decide to start your career in property management, you’ll need to complete a specialty course called: Property Management Course (one course in total).
  • If you decide to provide services in both of these areas, simply take all four specialty courses (four courses in total).

Please note that you are required to get a minimum of 70% in order to pass each course and you have up to 18 months to complete and pass all the required courses in the REAP program.  The 18 months period starts at the enrollment date of Fundamentals of Real Estate course.  Property Management course will be offered by (RECA) whereas the Residential, Commercial and Rural will be offered by Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA).

Step 5 – Apply for Real Estate License

Study hard with the real estate practice exam. Once the education requirement has been met, you will then need to secure an employment with a real estate brokerage and apply for licensing through the brokerage of your choice.  Part of the licensing process requires that you obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check.

Real Estate Agent Course and Real Estate Agent License Fees

Fundamentals of Real Estate course: $1,500

Commercial Real Estate course: $600

Residential Real Estate course: $600

Rural Real Estate course: $600

Introduction to a Career in Property Management course: $1,500

Real Estate License application fee: $400

How much do real estate agent makes in Alberta? How much do realtors make in Alberta? The answer really depends on the individual. There are many benefits of working as a real estate agent in Alberta. Although the province is hit with low oil price in recent years, but with asset valuation so low, this could be the golden opportunity in the long run.

Canada Real Estate had another great year in 2016. Despite the Alberta real estate slowdown, many great real estate listings can still be found on MLS ALberta, MLS Edmonton, MLS Calgary, MLS Red Deer, MLS Sherwood Park or general MLS search. Foreclosure is still very low compare to total number of houses for sale or condos for sale. Commercial real estate listings are stable, inlucding many properties are for sale by owner. Becoming a real estate agent in Alberta should be a good way to capitalize the Alberta real estate market.

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The information on this page is gathered from the resources listed above.  Please note that the requirements will change or get updated from time to time, it is best to treat this one page guide as a quick overview and always visit the official sources to confirm the accuracy of the contents.  If you notice any errors or outdated contents on this page please kindly email us by using the contact section or simply leave us a comment.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave it at the comment section below.  Your comments or suggestions will not only help us to improve the site, but will also assist others that have similar questions.  Thank you for inquiring, sharing and participating!

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