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calgary real estate licenseWhy Get Your Calgary Realtor License

These days, hardly a day has gone by without news of the latest corporate layoffs. Coupled with the rapid growth of e-commerce and computer automation technologies, jobs across industries, regardless of labor works or office jobs, are not immune from getting replaced by machines. Unfortunately, as the computer grows ever more powerful at an exponential rate, more jobs will be at risk. In such an uncertain time, becoming a Realtor, such as in the city of Calgary stands out as a good career option, and here are the top reasons why.

Why you should become a realtor in Calgary

  • Oil price appears to be stabilizing in the low $40, which is almost the level we last have seen since the bottom of the great recession of 2008-2009. As the global economy recovers from the chaos in the Eurozone, the slowdown in China and among many others things, oil consumption and prices will pick up again. Therefore, the high oil price will improve the GDP of Calgary and attracts waves of workers and immigrants into the city, and of course, they will need to find a place to stay, thus boosting the demand of Realtor in Calgary.
  • With the Liberal government elected in Ottawa, as the Liberals loosen immigration policy, Canada will soon welcome many new immigrants into the country and guests visiting family members. Although Calgary may not be as popular landing choice as Vancouver or Toronto, nevertheless, it is a major destination for new Canadian and a business hub in Western Canada.
  • Similar to the point above, Justin Trudeau already announced to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees, which will increase the demand for real estate and real estate agents in Calgary and other cities.
  • Overpriced housing price in Vancouver is making the city less attractive. Calgary will serve as a great alternative.
  • As self-employed, you will get tax benefits and can write off many bills as business expenses.

The benefit of being a realtor extend beyond the freedom or being your own boss. Most importantly, let’s not forget that real estate agent is a job that requires human interaction, therefore it is unlikely to be replaced by a computer.

These are some of the benefits of getting your real estate license in Calgary, but the general benefits also apply to get real estate license in Ontario or other provinces as well.

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No Pain, No Gain

Lastly, it is crucial to understand if you don’t jump in the water with both feet, you may never learn to swim. Essentially, don’t bother doing part-time or schedule appointments on the side. A regular day of a realtor will consist of prospecting for new clients, prepare marketing material, understand the property and its neighborhood, property showing, research and education, booking showing, booking interview, presenting offers, negotiating, listing, legal issues and hundreds of other things. A real estate agent is a full time challenging job with great rewards for those works hard and is fully committed. Eventually, you will build up your reputation, and start receiving referrals and listings left and right.

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