10 Simple Ways to Increase your Home Value on a Budget

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. When it comes to selling your home, of course you would like to increase the home value as much as possible. There are many expensive upgrade options available for the owner to maximize the value of their real estate, but as a licensed real estate agent for two decades, my experiences taught me a few effective tricks. Here, I would like to introduce 10 proven strategies that can increase the final closing price without breaking the wallet. Good luck!

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  1. Flowerbeds

The first thing prospect buyer is going to notice is your outside presentation. Plant bright and blooming flowers in front of the yard can improve the curb appeal of the home. Also make sure to mow the lawn and paint sweep the dirt and the leaf off the path leading to your front door.

2. Cosmetic ​Lift

    Fresh new paint on your home will make it look newer and does wonders for your property value. It is best to select a color that is gender neutral, and bright, to give a new and vibrant look to the rooms of your house. A can of paint probably cost anywhere between $15-$50. Even if your live in a large home, the total paint cost will not cost you a fortune.

    3. Get a Grip​

      Buy individual door handles from home improvement stores. This is a lot cheaper than buying a new door for every room and every cabinet in the house, and it will also give an updated look for your home.

      4. Polish the Tub​

      The kitchen and bathroom appliances in your home have a silicon coating that protect it from long-term water wear and tear. Over-time, the appliance may get yellow or brittle, especially your sink and bathtub. I am sure you know what I am talking about. The solution is to buy a tube of caulk, averaging $5 a tube. It can make your kitchen and bathroom look like new again.

      5. Update your appliances​

      You don’t have to buy brand new appliances to bring out the best of the room. Most appliances have front panels that can be removed and replaced. Give your appliances a facelift by buying matching front panels or frame from the manufacture or simply from eBay.

      6. Clean your house​

      This is pretty self-explanatory. You should know the consequence of not following this tip, and yet you will be surprised how many times I walked into a listed property and found the home in complete chaos.

      7. Light up your house​

      Lighting fixtures can date a home. Purchase discounted lampshades to perk up an older lamp, and change switch plates on your light switches to give your home an updated look. Make sure your switch plates and outlets match throughout the home.

      8. Bling up your bathroom​

      Purchase a new faucet for your sink and shower in your bathroom, and you’ll increase your home value. Make sure the faucets for the sink and shower match – most of the time new faucets will cost around $30 to $60. It’s not a bad idea to update your kitchen sink faucet, too!

      9. New Carpeting​

      Another part of the home that ages the house is the carpeting. Rugs or carpet with old patterns that have gone out of style can decrease your perceived home value. These days, there are plenty of discount stores or online store in which you can buy a carpet to add home value without crushing the budget.

      10. Home warranty​

      Getting a home warranty while you’re selling your home can increase its value, and give you some much-needed protection. Most home warranty companies offer coverage during the home’s listing period. A home warranty can give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars on a new dishwasher or oven right during a precarious financial time in your life. For more information on how home warranty works, please go to http://www.landmarkhw.com/

      So here are the 10 easy ways to increase your property value without breaking the bank. Hope it can help you succeed in your future listing. As a successful real estate agent, maximizing your client's home value will also maximize your commission, and thus after-tax income. 

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